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Fresh Boiled Premium Birdnest 鲜炖燕窝 (3x100ml)

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RM 138.00
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RM 138.00

Product description:

  • Approximately 100ml. Each box contain 3 bottles of birdnest. 每包大约100毫升,每盒有3罐鲜炖燕窝。
  • Freshly boiled daily using 100% natural ingredients to preserved the benefits with highest quality.
  • No preservative, No bleach, No colouring, No added addictive, No stabiliser.
  • Local source. 本地燕窝。

Choose Your Mixed Flavours:

  • Honey Rock Sugar 石蜂糖
  • Rose 玫瑰
  • America Ginseng 美国人参
  • Honey Dates 蜜枣
  • Osmanthus 桂花

Nutritional Information:

  • Contains water-soluble proteins and carbohydrates. From calcium, iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorous, sialic acid, and amino acids.
  • Boost immunity and relives fatigue.
  • Anti-aging ability with Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) that can boost collagen production in the skin. Consuming 3-4 times a week is recommended to improve complexion.
  • For pregnant mothers can get relief from stretch marks development, maintain & improve youthful complexion after a child's birth. Tryptophan component in bird nest can relieves stress, anxiety, and tiredness in mothers.
  • Relieves respiratory illnesses such as flu and cough. 

Consumption Guide:

  • Best consume in chill. 请食用燕窝在冰镇后以达到最佳的食用享受。
  • Best consume within 2 weeks. 请在2周内食用。
  • Keep in fridge upon received to preserve the freshness. 请在收到燕窝后储放在冰箱里。