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Whitebait 白银鱼 (700g)

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Product Description:

  • Local source, commonly used by the Chinese and Japanese restaurant. 本地进口,普遍用于中式和西式餐厅。
  • Approximately 700g. 每包大约700克。

Nutritional Information:

  • Rich in minerals, calcium and antioxidant selenium which helps to protect from heart disease. 富含矿物质,钙和硒以帮助预防心脏病。
  • Contain vitamin E to helps control the production of hormone, healthy skin and hair. 含有维他命E以帮助管理荷尔蒙,健康的皮肤和头发。

Best For:

  • Deep-frying, oven baking. 适合炸和烘烤。