Frequenly Ask Questions

1. Coverage area 覆盖地区

- Within Klang Valley. - Outstation: Ipoh, Seremban, Penang, and Johor Bahru. - 我们只送在巴生谷,郊外地区则是怡保,芙蓉,槟城和柔佛。

2. Delivery time送货时间 Klang Valley: Everyday within 12pm – 6pm. 巴生谷的送货时间每天下午12点到6点。

Outstation: Approximately within 7 working days. 郊外地区会在大约7个工作天送货。

3. Same Day Delivery 当天送货时间 2 - 4 hours for same day delivery. 2至4个小时的时间来运输您的订单

4. Delivery charges 运输费

Klang Valley: Standard delivery charge RM25 or FREE for purchase of RM500 and above. 巴生谷的运输收费RM25或者消费满RM500以上会免费运输。

5. Order Cancellation 联系方式

- Strictly no cancellation for all paid orders. Otherwise RM20 processing charges will be applied for refund. 所有已付款的订单不能退款。否则将会收费RM20的手续费来进行退款。

6. Contact detail 联系方式

- Contact us through Whatsapp +6011-1665 4581 or email [email protected] if you need further assistance. 如有任何疑问,可以Whatsapp给 +601116654581 或者电邮到 [email protected]

7. Refund policy 退款政策

- 100% Money back Guarantee. We believe in our greatest quality of our products, however if you are not satisfied with your orders, please contact us via Whatsapp +6011-1665 4581 or email us [email protected] within 24 hours upon receiving your order. Where appropriate, we will either arrange for a replacement or a refund (subject to our discretion). 我们有经过严格挑选和对自己的产品有绝对的信心。如果您有任何不满意你所购买的产品,请务必在24小时内通过Whatsapp我们(+601116654581)或电邮我们([email protected])。在适当的情况下,我们会以我们的判断来安排更换产品或退款。

- We reserve the right to alter this policy at any time without notice. - We reserve the right of final decision and interpretation in the case of any dispute. 如有任何争议,我们会保留最终的决定和解释的权利,并且保留随时更改退款政策的权利。

8. Is fresh seafoods better quality than frozen seafoods? 新鲜的海鲜品质会比冷冻来得好吗?

- Not exactly, our frozen seafood are caught and directly frozen to keep our seafood freshness. Besides, fresh seafood import from faraway places which may lose some of its nutrient while importing to Malaysia. 不一定,大多数的冷冻海鲜在被捕获后立刻冷冻以保留它本身的新鲜度。相反的,新鲜的海鲜从偏远的地方会流失它本身的新鲜度。

- We are cautious in selecting our reliable supplier which using the advance Individual Quick Freezing technology to deep freeze the products in order for our customer to enjoy the locked-in original quality and taste. We recommend that fully de-frost the products before cooking them and avoid re-freezing the products. 我们都很慎重的挑选我们的供应商,他们用当前高科技的冷冻技术去冷冻海鲜产品以更好得保存海鲜品质。我们情切得提醒您在烹饪我们的产品之前请将他们完全解冻以比避免重新冷冻该产品。

9. For Our Air-Flown Norwegian Salmon 挪威空运三文鱼 - We recommend to store in the freezer and consume within 3 months. 我们会建议请摆放在冷冻库并在3个月内食用。

- We recommend to consume within 5 days for sashimi consumption once received. 我们建议当您收到后可以在五天内生吃刺身。

10. Payment Type 付款选项

- We accept online instant bank transfer and accept FPX, credit & debit card payment. 我们接受线上汇款或者使用FPX和银行信用卡来进行付款。

- We reserve the right to reject your order and charge a payment processions fee of RM15 if the shipping address is out of our coverage area. 如果送货地址不在我们覆盖范围内,我们有权利去撤销你的订单和会收取RM15的付款费用。

11. Frozen Item Weight 冷冻食物的重量

- All frozen items are weight in frozen form. 所有冷冻食物的重量都是在冷冻的时候量的。