Barramundi Fillet 澳洲石甲鱼片 (600-800g)

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Product description:

  • Approximately 600-800g, consist of 2 slices fillets 每包大约有600-800克,含有2片鱼肉
  • Imported from Australia, widely used in Western cuisine by the hotels 澳洲进口,常用于酒店的西餐
  • Known as sea-bass. 

Nutritional Information:

  • High in protein for muscle growth, cellular repair, and proper metabolic activity of numerous organ systems. 富含蛋白质有助于促进肌肉成长,修复细胞和帮助器官新陈代谢。
  • Rich in phosphorous for development and growth of bone. 富含磷有助于骨骼发育。
  • Low fat and calories, perfect for weight management. 低脂肪和卡路里,适合体重管理。

Best for:

  • Pan-frying, steaming, grilling and oven-baking 适合煎炸,蒸,烧烤就烘烤