Canadian Scallop 加拿大带子 (450g)

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1. The pictures of the cooked food is for illustration only. The product you will receive is in frozen and raw form. It needs to be cooked before you consume. Weight in frozen form. 煮熟的食物图片仅供参考。我们销售的是冷冻花蟹,需要煮熟才能食用。我们的产品不包含调味品

Product Description:

  • Wild caught and imported from Canada. 加拿大进口
  • Vacuum pack 真空包装
  • M size approximately 450g (10-13 pieces) M size 每包大约450克(1013粒). XL size approximately 450g (6-8 pieces). XL size 每包大约450克(6到8粒).
  • The size of each scallop is bigger than Australian and Hokkaido scallop. 体型会比澳洲和北海道大

Nutritional Information:

  • Rich in vitamin B12 and phosphorus to support brain cells function and cognitive
    development. Phosphorus helps to regulate hormone balance in the body which play a vital role in physical and mental health. 富含维他命B12,磷以加强脑细胞功能和认知。磷甚至可以调整荷尔蒙。
  • Collagen protein in scallops helps to prevent injuries, promote bones health and hair
    growth. 带子的胶原蛋白可以加快伤口复合,促进骨骼健康和生发。
  • Low in calories, high in protein. It provide 20g of protein for less than 100 calories per every 84g of scallops, which will aids in weight loss and increases metabolism. 低卡路里,富含蛋白质。可减轻体重和新陈代谢。

Best For:

  • Pan-frying and stir-frying 适合煎,炒