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Freshwater Prawn 生虾 (1kg)

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Product Description:

  • Imported from Sabah, commonly used by the Chinese restaurant. 沙巴进口,普遍用于中式餐厅。 
  • Each size approximately 1kg. 每个尺寸大约1公斤。
  • L size contain 2 to 4 pieces and each around 22 to 25cm long. L size 每包有2到4只,每只大约有22到25公分。
  • M size contain 6 to 10 pieces and each around 16 to 20cm long. M size 每包有6到10只,每只大约有16到20公分。
  • S size contain 10 to 15 pieces and each around 13 to 16cm long. S size 每包有10到15只,每只大约有13到16公分。
  • Prawn head is the essence, as it provides a delightful of aroma taste. 吃大头虾最重要是吃虾脑,香浓无比。

Nutritional Information:

  • Contain Astaxanthin, Selenium and Cooper which essential for the body to effectively distribute oxygen with antioxidant to maintain healthy cells. 含有虾青素,硒和铜可抗氧化和维持细胞健康。 
  • Contain protein to repair damage tissues and gain muscle mass. 含有蛋白质可以修复受损组织和增加肌肉。 

Best For:

  • Pan-frying, oven-baking, and grilling 适合尖,烘烤和烧烤。
  • Freshwater prawn noodle 生虾面