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Ireland Ocean Delight Oyster (3/6/12 pieces)

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Product Description:

  • Grown by Edward Gallagher, over 4 years in wild and beautiful Donegal, where a pristine peaty stream flows into the tidal Tragheanna estuary.
  • Origin at Ireland
  • Contain 3’s, 6's (half dozen) & 12's (full dozen). Each piece contain 70 - 90g.


  • Nose: Clean open sea breeze
  • Body: Apple, melon, plump with variety of textures
  • Finish: Wonderful sweetness with mineral hints
  • Flavour 8, Saltiness 6, Sweetness 8, Umami 8

Best For:

  • Sashimi, oven-baking 适合生吃和烤


  • Do not put the oyster into the freezer!
  • Unshuck oyster can be store in chiller around 3 - 5 days.
  • Shucked oyster recommend to consume within 2 hours upon receiving.
  • Shucked oyster do not consume the next day upon receiving.

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