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Homemade Pickled Ginger 自家腌制姜片 (100g nett)

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Product Description:

  • 100% homemade ginger recipe, 100% natural. 独特自家腌制生姜片。
  • Approximately 100g net weight. 每个大约100克。
  • Ingredient: natural rice vinegar, young ginger, rock sugar, honey, water. 成分:米醋,幼姜,糖,和水。
  • No artificial flavour, no colouring, no added preservative. 没有添加合成调味料,色素和防腐剂。

Best For:

  • Combine with sashimi or sushi to add extra flavour of your taste bud. 搭配生鱼片或寿司能提升你的味蕾。


  • Keep refrigerated. Best consume within 4 weeks . 建议放在冰箱和在四个星期内食用。