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Authentic Japanese Unagi 日本鳗鱼 ( Whole 300-330g )

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Product Description:

  • Cooked, marinated and vacuum packed 已腌制和真空包装。
  • Approximately 330g (3-4 serving) 大约330克,适合34人食用。
  • Imported from Japan, widely used in Japanese fine-dining restaurants. 日本进口,在日本餐厅广泛使用。

Nutritional Information:

  • Rich in Vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, B12 and phosphorous which helps to balance your body’s PH levels, improve digestion, metabolism, and better absorption of nutrients. 富含维他命ADEB1B2B12 和磷可以维持身体酸碱度,促进消化系统,新陈代谢,和更好得吸收营养。
  • Rich in Omega-3 which helps to improve blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and reduce the risks of diabetes and arthritis. 富含omega-3脂肪酸可促进血压,低胆固醇和降低糖尿病和关节炎。
  • Improve blood flow to the brain which reduce the risk of dementia. 促进在大脑血液循环以降低痴呆的风险。

Best For:

  • Reheat using microwave (3 to 5 minutes) 用微波炉35分钟即可食用
  • Steam (5 to 8 minutes) 蒸至5分钟
  • Low heat pan-frying (3 to 5 minutes) 小火煎至3到5分钟即可食用