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Taiwanese Sanma 秋刀鱼 (3 & 6PCS)

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Product Description:

  • Wild caught and imported from Taiwan. Commonly used by Japanese
    restaurants. 台湾进口,广泛用于日式餐厅。
  • Vacuum pack 真空包装
  • 3 pcs is approximately 500g. 6 pcs is approximately 1kg.

Nutritional Information:

  • Contain DHA similar to EPA which helps lower triglycerides in your blood helpful in preventing lifestyle diseases and promotes healthy brain function. 含有DHA可以帮助减低血液里的甘油三酸酯预防疾病和促进脑的功能。
  • Contain EPA which helps to lower blood pressure. 含有EPA可以减低低血压。
  • Rich in amino acid to help body burn more fat to promote weight loss and prevent muscle loss. 富含氨基酸可以帮助燃烧更多的脂肪以减低体重和预防肌肉流失。

Best For:

  • Salt Grill (Shio Yaki) 适合盐烧烤。