Squid Ring 鱿鱼卷 (1kg)

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Product Description:

  • Imported from Taiwan, widely used by Chinese and Western cuisines. 台湾进口,广泛使用在中西餐。
  • Approximately 1kg 每包大约有1公斤

Nutritional Information:

  • High in protein, low in calories. Great source to build muscles and sustain energy level. 富含蛋白质,低卡路里,适合增加肌肉和维持能量。
  • Rich in vitamin B and E, selenium, potassium and phosphorus to promote neural and
    blood health. 富含维他命BE,硒,钾,磷可以帮助神经线和血液循环。
  • These anti-oxidant are known to prevent cancer and enhance overall health system. 可以抗氧化,预防癌症和增强免疫力。

Best For:

  • Deep frying, stewing and stir-frying 适合油炸,炖和炒